Pantegrity – The Modular Solution for Standard Setters
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Standards & Licencee Management

Integrity, Impact & Risk Management

Supply Chain Traceability

Offset Certificates & Credit Trading

What is Pantegrity?

Pantegrity is a flexible, scaleable toolset for standard setters.

We provide the solutions for:

Real-time certification, supply chain & trading data — all in one system

Real-Time Data

Insightful dashboards, comprehensive reports & risk-based integrity management

Advanced Analyses

One place for managing your  entire business relations and correspondence 

CRM & Correspondence

Ensuring Integrity — Managing Growth

Our experienced team of professionals will tailor the best approach whether you're...

...a new standard

starting out...

...a growing  standard facing new challenges...

...or a well established standard evolving to the next level

Flexible Solutions for All Standards

Comprehensive & Scaleable

Pantegrity comes with all tools and features you need to efficiently manage your standard and increase its impact.

It takes care of everything from basic standards & licencee management to advanced risk analyses & benchmarks.

Pantegrity is accessible for your members too and flexibly scales with your and their growing needs.

How it Works

Pantegrity – The Modular Solution for Standard Setters – Overview

Intact Systems, GTS and Book&Claim — as leaders in their own fields — have come together to create Pantegrity. A modular toolset, which is designed to cope with all the challenges that come with managing the growth and ensuring the integrity of your standard.

Pantegrity is the first comprehensive solution to all the challenges facing you. It offers powerful standards & licencee management functionalities, supply chain traceability, and a trading platform for offset certificates.

With our unique Integrity Hub, maintaining data in different systems is a thing of the past. It keeps your data synchronized and up-to-date. Thus, Pantegrity ensures the impact, integrity and reputation of your standard and helps to effectively prevent fraud.


  • CRM & Correspondence
  • Turnover Declaration & Invoicing
  • Analyses & Reporting
  • Certification Body Portal
  • Public Product & Supplier Directory
  • Risk-Based Integrity Management
  • Offset Certificates
  • Credit Trading
  • Finance Management
  • Back Office Administration
  • Supply Chain Traceability System
  • E-Mail Invitations to Suppliers
  • Alerts & Notifications

Standards & Licencee Management

Certificate / Credit


Supply Chain


Three Experts Together

Intact Systems are the leading experts for Integrity Management Solutions across the entire supply chain. Their standards, audit, and certification management software Ecert is used by numerous renowned standards, accreditation and certification bodies throughout the world. Intact Systems also provides consulting services and is involved in ground-breaking research on risk-based integrity management.

Global Traceability are the developers of RADIX Tree, the cloud platform for supply chain traceability and data management. RADIX Tree enables businesses to connect with their suppliers to share sustainability data on their products for efficient due diligence and reporting. Over 70,000 companies are represented on RADIX Tree.

Book&Claim develops secure cloud-based, traceable chain of custody software solutions and a wide range of support services for sustainability standards. Their flagship project GreenPalm has played a pivotal role in connecting sustainably certified mills to the sustainable demand markets and has been instrumental in supporting independent palm oil smallholders.

Pantegrity combines the expertise of Intact Systems, Book&Claim and Global Traceability to create a single comprehensive solution for standard setters.

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